Dave "Dhahii" Mullan* began learning web design back in the mid '90s with the intention of building himself a website. Apart from a brief period around 2004/5, he never had one (the website then alluded to his musical aspirations, but he quickly learned that electric mandolin players were no more in demand then than they had ever been, and thus took the site down**).

In terms of education, it was always uncertain as to whether he would go to art college or pursue literature (and music was a permanent distraction from both of these). Eventually, after a period when he decided that he would eschew a formal education, he opted to study literature, and by 2000, he had a Masters degree (in Modern and Postmodern Literary Studies, specifically), and was teaching literature, creative writing, media studies, and internet technology (among other things). During this time he also coded websites for extra cash, and eventually found himself becoming more involved in music-related online activities, including a stint with SeerSystems (makers of Reality, one of the first software synthesisers***).

Eventually, in 2005, he was discovered - through a series of unlikely encounters – on Nils Petter Molvær fan forum Molvaer.de by Pål "Strangefruit" Nyhus and Bugge Wesseltoft. Within a year, he was working for Bugge Wesseltoft, Mungolian Jetset, Jazzland Recordings, Nils Petter Molvær, the Punkt Festival, Eivind Aarset, and a growing list of others, as a webmaster, web designer, copy writer, editor, lyricist, and graphic designer. By 2007, he was working for his client base full time, and has done so ever since.

During all this time (from 2005 until November 2017) he never had a website to tout or sell his services. Word of mouth was enough. While building his own website would be the obvious thing to do – and it was suggested to him many times over the years – on a whim Dave finally relented and put up a temporary website on November 8th 2017, and launched it with a Black Friday-related sale. A few days later, working in-between his various jobs, tasks and other activities, he delivered a properly finished version, more informative, user-friendly, and demonstrative of his services.

Dave has always had an affinity for music and musicians, which is why they are his preferred clients (he does work for other creatives – writers and artists, etc – and non-creatives as well, but musicians are, and always have been, his primary focus). And, despite the turmoil inflicted by technological changes in music consumption, he knows that regardless of how it is consumed and paid for, music (and musicians) will survive long after fly-by-night exploiters of musicians have been subject to lawsuits, hostile takeovers, dismantling and bankruptcy. Music is a key part of the human legacy, transcending everything, and Dave intends to play his role to ensure his clients' individual legacies are properly represented.

As of April 5th, 2018, Dhahii will cease to offer new website build/design services. Webmaster services will remain on offer, alongside social media services. This, for the most part, is due to the growth of interest in his writing services, particularly lyric editing and lyric writing workshops. A blog will be added to the site before the end of January 2018, bringing news of services, as well as some musings on lurics and lyric-writing in general.

* The name "Dhahii" is an invented spelling of the name "Dáithí", the Irish equivalent, more or less, to "Davy". He concocted this during the '80s, darker times in Northern Ireland's history, to avoid offending those of a particular political leaning. Ironically, he now finds abuse from the less-than-clever because they assume he is probably an Islamic Extremist. He is happy to offend such bigots. :)
** The Dhahii website was revised once. Originally, the plan was to release an album in 2004, which then became 2005. Recording was never completed. The world breathed a sigh of relief.
*** Dave also did some sound design for the synth, and was the first (and possibly only) person to have the SeerMusic web plugin work with Macromedia (later Adobe) Flash - it was actually very cool - you could listen to a track created in Reality, and remix it as it streamed. It used both real-time synthesis and mp3 audio samples, and provided an audio quality that was years ahead of its time. Sadly, the costs of migrating the code to new operating systems meant the project withered on the vine. A real shame.