Lyrics Consultation

Price: 15.00  GBP

£15 per song.
This service is to provide songwriters with honest and critically constructive assessment and advice. On purchase lyrics should be emailed, as well as any rough demo or outline of planned musical arrangements (after all, these are SONG lyrics, not poetry to be read silently or aloud from a page - the music is a critical element in terms of the tone and shape of the song).
Customers have the option to arrange a Skype call to discuss the lyrics in person. This additional option is billed at £15 per hour (NB: Arrangements must be made in order to book more than one hour). Skype calls allow for an informal discussion of a song and offer the songwriter the opportunity to explain their objectives and intentions more fully without having to write an epic email to do it!
Other arrangements can be made for working in person (travel and accommodation must be provided outside of Ireland).
Contact for details or to make arrangements.


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