"Since the early beginnings of the internationally renowned Punkt Festival, Dave Mullan has been contributing with web design and social media presentation.

In addition, Mullan has a couple of occasions filled the role to great effect as the festival presenter in collaboration with BBC´s Fiona Talkington.

It´s been nothing but a privilege to be working with the Irishman, whose good humor, positive spirit and generosity is very much part of the Punkt experience."

Jan Bang
Co-artistic director
Punkt Festival

"Dave Mullan has been of great assistance making web design and press material for me, fixing my English grammar, and has even helped me with ideas for titles for my tunes. He has performed all these tasks to perfection, not least because of his understanding of the aesthetics and the concept of the music I am producing."

Eivind Aarset
Guitarist, Composer

It’s been a pleasure to cooperate with Dave Mullan regarding web pages for www.1b1.no

His professional attitude, good taste, understanding of how the music business and communication works and willingness to supply whatever we need quickly give us exactly what we want and need.

Erling Johansen
"Dave Mullan has translated the liner notes for my solo albums as well as press texts. He is highly competent and delivers before deadline, and I would be very happy to recommend him!"

Håkon Kornstad
Saxophonist, Tenor Vocalist

"Dave made my homesite and kept it updated and fresh. Always positive, willing, creative, curious and able. Little did I know that once hired, he never stopped. At the end, I had to tell him to invoice me again not to feel I was taking advantage of his generous service. And a music lover. What more can you wish for?"

Thomas Strønen
Drummer, Composer

"Dave Mullan worked for Lillenorge music-festival from 2015 up till its premiere in may 2016. He created our web-page and designed our visual profiles and logos from scratch. His skills and expertise in the field of the web are exquisite, but more than that did he contribute with an endless amount of devotion, engagement, love and creative advice and ideas in the birth of this festival. Dave’s genuine passion for music, his positive spirit, and his experience and credibility within the Norwegian music-scene made him a precious and trustworthy rock in our festival-team.

We are forever grateful for the fantastic work he did for us, and congratulate anybody who gets him as a colleague in the future."

Gunilla Süssmann
Artistic Director
LilleNorge Festival

Dave wrote press texts for Stein Urheim and Mari Kvien Brunvoll duo album releases three times.. It was truly satisfying to have someone with such a poetic writing and open ears to make these texts. Both Stein and I were very happy with Dave's texts.

Mari Kvien Brunvoll
Singer, Composer